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On Sunday, July 1, our congregation witnessed Living Gospel Ministry’s moving, one-man dramatization of the disciple Peter’s personal encounters with the living Savior, Jesus Christ, leading up to his cowardly betrayal.  More than a performance, Matthew Zawisza’s profound gift revealed deep insights into Peter’s human frailty and struggles.  We were gripped by this powerful presentation as Peter experienced personal failure and brokenness followed by God’s total restoration through forgiveness.

We were privileged to watch this beautiful presentation of God’s relentless love and abundant grace—and like Peter, experienced for ourselves a loving Savior who patiently waits for us with open arms.  It was a genuine pleasure to meet Matthew Zawisza—a humble servant and bright light for Jesus and God’s kingdom.  We look forward to Living Gospel Ministry’s next performance at Christ Alive!


Living Gospel Ministry consists of the husband/wife team of Matthew & Tina Zawisza.
Since 2006 they have visited hundreds of churches and ministered to thousands of souls. Called by God to simply “bring the Bible to life”, Matthew has used his experience as a professional stage actor to convey the Gospel in this unique way. Tina on the other hand
does everything else.


“It’s powerful, yet simple…just like we are. We believe in the power of the Gospel to change people.
This is simply our way of presenting it in a way
that is necessary for today. People remember more with their eyes
than they do with their ears. So if we give them a feast for their eyes then God can give them a feast
for their heart. Now that’s teamwork!”